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Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I have one mare that I refer to as the basket case. Sometime in her life she was well broke and then passed through an experience with humans that left her horribly distrustful. I didn’t feel good about selling her with the problems she has so she just hangs out with the mares. Usually, when a person enters the pen, she will start running. It doesn’t matter if you are close to her or on the other side.

 Today I approached to put a horse back in with the group. Patches was standing with her rear end pointed toward the gate. As I walked up I told her to move her booty so I could bring the horse in. She looked over shoulder at me (didn’t run) and gave me a ‘look’. I laughed and told her, “ I didn’t say you were Black Beauty, I said move your booty over.” 

She moved a step away from the gate then stood still. Suppose they understand English?

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