Saddle up and let's ride down the trail of tales or tails.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

This experience has a video so readers can come away with a 'fuller' appreciation of what she rode through.

Thursday, January 24, 2013


People ask if horses lie down. Not only do they lie down but I find them in different positions. To me, Midnight doesn't look all that comfortable here.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cow Girl Up - A Really Cold Day



NRG - Change of Attitude

 Who belongs to whom? Slinky (dog) to Butch (horse) or Butch to Slinky?

This is what happens when you try to take a portrait photo of a horse. Definitely, up close and personal.


When I brought Lil to the pen gate to go out, her head went up, eyes went wide, body went tense and she produced ‘roller snorts’. When I looked around, the only thing I could see that changed was a puddle in Teefa’s pen and that was definitely what caught her eye.

Of course, to go out the gate meant we had to go closer to it. I made sure I did my job correctly going through the gate so as not to become ‘road kill’ when she spooked at it – and spook she did. We worked about 90 seconds on the scary thing then she decided it wouldn’t bite. She was fine from that point on.

This incident brought back memories of a similar situation in which I didn’t listen to the horse and do what I should have for them (not any I have today). The end result on that was the horse knocked me down and out.

This is just a reminder that all of us dealing with horse need to remember ‘Given the right circumstances, any horse will act like a horse’. We are the ones that have to insure our own safety.

I took the picture just as soon as I tied Lil up so we can ‘see through her eyes’ how it looked. We had lots of shadows (always do this time of day) and reflections from the water (new to this location).  

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Sunday night I was getting ready for bed and put Taz (small house dog) out. It was snowing and he hollered to come back in right away (although he hollers immediately any how). I was going to let Drifter out and told him he probably wouldn’t like it out there because it was snowing. I got out a treat and went to the back porch to let him out. No dog. When I looked he had gone into his crate and was waiting for me to bring his treat to go to bed. He wasn’t going out into the storm – forget it.



As the sun sets on the last day of 2012 I want to send good thoughts to all.

Rather than Happy New Year which is somewhere ‘out there’ I wish you a Happy Right Now. Especially when I have the pleasure of watching the sun go down I am reminded, don’t hurry to the next thing or plan on being happy when … just take a moment right now and be whatever it is that pleases you and brings happiness.

 Critters were in a harmonious mood. When I went into the pony pen to close them off their free feed, I entered talking. As I walked to the hay pen, I told them it would be really nice if they would just walk out and not make me come chase. One by one, they came out the gate EXECPT Red who had his whole entire pony body inside the round bale feeder. He gave me a dirty look then worked on getting the fat red body out of the feeder and out of the pen. It is so much nicer when they respond like this.
I didn’t do lessons today and that meant we left the 7 mares in the turn out area. When I feed their wheat hay I like to pull in the pen with the 4-wheeler and hay wagon – it is so much easier on me than pitching it over the fence. As I drove up to get hay loaded it looked like all the 7 were in their water lot. I drove on up and YES, they were. Since I hadn’t hooked the hay wagon up yet they stood quietly while I went over and shut them in. All the critters were very kind to their person tonight.
From the Two-leggeds and all the Four –leggeds at Abrazos Adventure wishing you a HAPPY ………