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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

When I Say I’m Under Water It Kinda Looks Like This

About 4:00 am I wakened to the sound of thunder and flashes of lightening. With Dan’s current work schedule this is the time he feeds the horses. All of a sudden I heard the door slam and Dan came into the house. I heard rummaging in his room and he finally went out again. When I asked him tonight about it, when he went to the barn it wasn’t raining. He just got started and it was like buckets being poured on him. So – to the house for dry clothes and slicker.

Later, when I got up I noticed a bit of slicker caught in the front door. When I opened it the rest of it was between screen and solid door. I thought he had tried putting the slicker on the screen to let it start drying out.

NOT. Since it was still raining he thought he would wear the slicker to his car and stay dry for work. As he went out the door the corner caught as he was closing it. His keys to the house were in his car and I was in bed and wouldn’t hear him. So – shed the slicker and run through the rain to the car.

The rescued slicker drying.

After I got up and looked outside, I knew I would need these. Where were they? At the barn of course.

And getting to the barn looked something like this.

Mission accomplished and so glad to have them.

IOne view of the arena.

Another view of the arena.

The last rain we had Dan worked on making somedrain pathways in the pens. The gelding pen was draining - it was just really full.

Last time Drafty and Sadie both were totally under water at this location. More drain working.

At the end of the day it doesn't look much better.

Dan just finished up digging another drain in the gelding pen.

Dan decided to see if he could get some of the water to drain from the barn road.

But - all the green and growing is sure pretty.
So - when I let students know I ma under water and have to cancel the lesson, this is why.