Saddle up and let's ride down the trail of tales or tails.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


When the wind is from the west and you throw hay over the east fence ......

Saturday, January 25, 2014


When I went out to do chores at noon, I found these in the ATV. This told me that ice was thick this morning when Dan took care of things. You are serious when you break out the sledge hammer.

 MUCH thicker ice today.

Ice on the sides of the tanks.

Ice across the tanks.

Yea! Only water now.

It was worth being out. If I wasn't, I woud have missed this.


Sometimes I just get lucky when I point and shoot. This makes me think of literally walking into the sunset or on to infinity.

Friday, January 24, 2014


On cold days we stay in if possible. The ‘boys’ are in direct line with the heater. Notice – Taz doesn’t want his picture taken. Behind him, Drifter has staked out ‘his’ chair.

These were outside in the box on the ATV. The one on the left was frozen and the one on the right wasn’t. 

I had to psych myself up to go out to do chores. By the time I did the sun had come out and it looks like Midnight found a warm spot for a nap.

And, since digesting food keeps them warm the rest of the ponies were chowing down ….

Yup – there was ice again. Butch was glad to see me.

I love this shovel. Instead of water running down my arms it drains out. The ice was fairly thin when I tackled it however; I think tomorrow morning will be a different story since it was freezing over an hour after I lifted it out of the tanks. Tiffany made sure all the tanks were topped off yesterday and that makes a difference in the first freeze.
  Some of the horses will make their own sippy holes during the day. Teefa is not one of them. Notice, she started to drink even before I took the ice out.
Are you bringing more food? You don’t want us to freeze or starve do you?
In case you need to know mittens are really warm. If you have spare time it is possible to tie hay string into a knot. It is possible to open and close gate snaps but be prepared to pull mitten out of snap. Warmth or speed?

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


As soon as I got to the barn after my helper arrived, she asked me if Drafty was hurt. I told her no and asked why. She had gone to start water and it looked like there was a lot of blood on the fence in his pen.

I came into the pen and this is what I found.... There was a lot of it over a rather large area.

The next stop was to check out Drafty. I began at his head and when I reached the other end this is what I saw....
We caught him and took him into the barn to check out the wound and put medicine on it. The gash appears to be about 2 inches long and it is about an inch deep inside. I trimmed some of the hair, rinsed it out and put medicine in. Drafty stood as if nothing was wrong so apparently it didn't hurt too much. After treatment it looked like this.
When we took him back to the pen, we backed him up to see if we could figure out how it happened. When you see the wound at a little distance it doesn't look so gross.

"CSI" Tiffany trying to figure it out. To get the rub marks as high as they are he had to lift his rear end. My guess is that he was kicking at Sadie, the horse in the  next pen and somehow came down or into the cable holder on the fence just right to sustain the injury. If horses could talk ....