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Sunday, May 6, 2012


All my days are entered on a calendar with times and people so I can keep things running smoothly (at least I think I can).
Today (May 5) was to begin with Savannah coming at 9:00 then a new rider coming from ENMRSH with her caregiver at 10:30.
Savannah was running about 20 minutes late due to truck trouble. I figured we could still make things work and be done 10 minutes before the rider was due. I had her grab Goober and take her in bareback. I had to laugh when I looked at Savannah’s face – she wasn’t expecting bareback. (Everything went just fine although it has been a few months since Savannah has been on bareback and much longer since Goober was ridden bareback.) We were working and a car drove in at about 9:40. This was my 10:30 appointment. The lady said she wanted to make sure she could find the place and she knew she was early.