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Wednesday, November 28, 2012


In the picture you see a young man receiving a consequence.
An hour and a half earlier, when he arrived for his lesson, he and mom didn’t make it into the barn like they usually do. I finally went over to the car to see what was going on. When I got there a very low energy boy disembarked, leaned on mom and with long face and slow words informed me that he was tired. I asked him what the point was. He wasn’t sure about riding. My next question was to ask him if I needed to go catch Pepper (who is one of his favorites). His energy began to change, interest coming to his face and he told me to go catch him.

By the time he started tacking up his energy was where I like to see it and he was focused and in a fairly good mood. A few minutes into his ride Pepper shook with him – he grabbed and stayed on and didn’t get scared – in fact he looked pretty pleased because not long ago Pepper shook a rider off. His ride was a good one and mom and I talked about kids, character, life lessons and the ability to control one’s energy. We also talked about consequences, positive as well as negative and that all behavior produces one or the other.

As he was untacking I talked to him about consequences and asked if he knew what they were. He said yes and his first example was of negative. I asked if he had experienced positive consequences too. He said yes. I then told him I thought he needed to experience a consequence for his behavior today. At this point, he looked a bit worried.  I told him I was pleased with the way he got his energy into positive mode and had a good ride. I then told him I thought he needed to go with me on the ATV to put Pepper away – that was his consequence. His face lit up and he thought that was a pretty good consequence.

By the way, do you like my red-neck horse transport?

Thank you Kerianne for the photo.  10/29/12