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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Shoe

Recently a friend told me that she and her husband were purchasing a cabin and she thought a horse shoe from my place would be a good addition. She follows the school page on Facebook and told me she likes the stories - so she now becomes one of them.

I found a shoe – used – that came off a very special horse. Her name was Ms. CC Fork – a Pitchfork mare - that was my show horse for several years. Later in her life, at about age 18 she became the ‘founding horse’ for Abrazos Adventure.

Not only did she have a successful show career she was a fun horse to pleasure ride or take to parades. When grandkids came along she carried them to horse show wins just as she did me.

Over the years she was in the school, I don’t know how many people rode her and fell in love with her although she had an edge and attitude and kept us all on our toes.

After age 20 she developed Cushing’s disease and chronic lameness. During the course of treatment she was in special shoes to help with recovery. It was one of those shoes that I was able to send to my friend who is pictured here hanging it over their cabin door. It gave me a good feeling not to send just any old shoe but one full of sweet memories to help someone on their way to their own special times and memories.

And, to the unasked question – no, CC is not still with us. I had to have her put to sleep several years ago.