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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

$20+ DOWN THE DRAIN 11-9-11

I put Drifter out in his jacket today and left him all day. He could reach the back porch and likes the corner to sleep in. He seems to have weathered it all well. I hooked him to the four wheeler with me at  feeding time so he could get some exercise.

We were pulling up to the barn door when I heard a loud snap. I stopped and saw he was on the far side of a post. I stepped down  and found his collar on the ground. He stayed right there and came over. I put it back on – I thought it just unsnapped. (It is secured by a plastic snap in connection rather than buckled in.)

We finished chores and I put him on his tie line at the house and fed him. When I opened the porch door at 6:00 to let him in I saw the empty collar on the porch. My heart went to my toes but he was right there and ready to come in.

I think the neutering is taking effect. The last couple of days his behavior has been that of a big puppy. He wants to play with both me and Noki. When I lean over to put on his coat I get a face full of dog kiss. (Having seen where his mouth has been that is not the most desirable thing to happen on my part). To really finish off the change, the only collar I had on hand that would fit is a lavender collar.

It seems that the new routines are imprinting new habits in him and I am really glad. I think there may be a time I can let him loose again and not worry about him wandering off. Time will tell.

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