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Tuesday, November 8, 2011


When this 4-year-old had her first ride, there were a couple of times that she was asked to do something and the answer was, “I can’t”. After the second one, I talked to her and told here those were two words we didn’t use here. Instead, she could use, “I’ll try” or “I need help”. I explained that I CAN’T was like taking a big rock, putting it down where you had to walk then trying to get over it. The I CAN’T rock  made it very hard to do what you had to do.

When she rode the second time, she forgot and used I can’t again. Mom reminded her of her options. The next difficult challenge she face was securing reins snaps to the bit ring.  We heard “I’ll try”. She did try and was able to snap her reins to the bit rings all by herself. We stopped and celebrated and on the next, Ill try” we even did a high five when she finished. Her grin let us know she was pretty proud of her accomplishments.

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