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Monday, November 7, 2011


Illumidog collars – 2  When he came he had roaming privileges so he needed something to be seen at night. Had to get one for Noki (other dog) also. By the way, excellent collar. $43.34

Vet visit as a result of injuries. $160.00

Vet visit to follow up on injuries and receive shots. $106.13

Vet visit for the neuter surgery. $140.08

Dog coat. The weather is getting very cold and he is short hair. I do expect him to be outside as much as possible. Coat not nearly as durable as the collar. $10.00

Various dog books so I can understand more about them and be a good owner. $50.00

The dog – priceless. Meet Drifter

I did have some concerns after the injury but he seems to be recovering just fine. Neuter surgery was last Thursday and that seems to be healing well.

After these bills, I certainly understand why so many pets are being abandoned or turned in to shelters. Forget the emergency run, just the basics are pretty expensive today. 

More stories to come. He is proving to be an interesting addition to my animal family.

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