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Saturday, November 5, 2011


My son, Dan, kindly takes care of the morning feeding of the horses for me before he goes to work. Because he needs to report in by 7:00 am (sometimes earlier) it seems that he is always feeding before the sun comes up – this means you sometimes forget something.

Part of the process is putting either the group of geldings or mares back into their water lot pen. In the evening when I feed, I turn a group out into a large pen for the night.

This morning I went to the barn shortly before lesson time. As I drove up I saw Smudge standing at the main gate to the big pen. I didn’t know if the rest of the herd was still in the big pen or if they had gone into the water lot.

I had a couple of chores to do and it took a few minutes before I could tackle the problem of putting the horses in. When I arrived at their pen all the horses were not only in the pen but were at the back side. This meant I should be able to shut the gate without any escapees. I did.
I like to think that there is this great energy flow we are all connected to and things can either be smooth or rough. Apparently this morning, it was my turn for a nice smooth go. It almost looked like Smudge was standing at the gate simply to let me know what I needed to do in the few minutes ahead. Love it when ‘they speak’ and ‘I listen.’

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