Saddle up and let's ride down the trail of tales or tails.

Saturday, November 12, 2011


Student chose to ride Shag bareback. He was being the usual ‘you’re going to work to make me work’ ride. She was attempting to trot and he was evading by bending his body and slowing down.

As she came toward the spectator gallery she kept a long rein and started a pull to turn him. She really stretched her pull and leaned out to the side to make it longer instead of shortening the rein. All we could do was simply watch as that magic point of no return was reached and she did a slow fall-off-the-horse. By the time she landed the horse had completely stopped. They both had a look of ‘what are you doing down there?’

 Kind of reminds me of life when we don’t prepare properly for the task or event at hand. We reach a point of  continuing with all our old responses and ideas until we pass the point of nothing working. After we ‘fall off’ we may just take a different look at things. After all, sitting on the ground looking up at the horse certainly gives us a different perspective on the matters at hand.

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