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Monday, December 15, 2014


I think poor Butch had enough of this human by the end of the lesson today.

A new, little, annoying bee showed up after our first cold spells. It hovers just like the bot fly but tends to cozy up to the human rather than the horse. Picky being that I am I want them out of our space.

There was one close to Butch’s head and I was focused on it as it flew between his head and the wall. I figured I could hit it with my cap and do it in if it got just a little closer to the hard surface. Conditions came together and I hit. WHACK!!!!

My strike was sudden and loud and accurate. Neither Butch nor Goober was impressed with my accuracy and let all of us know with a loud ‘snort’ and body pull back. Thankfully both horses only took one sudden step back then their attention came right back to the riders.

Well, one time to spook the horse apparently was not enough for me. We were at the arena and riding was going well when a bee started circling mom who was not riding.

Again, me to the rescue. Cap in hand I waited for the right moment. That happened just as Butch and his rider were passing about 3 feet from me. A mighty swing and - WHAP!!!! Butch sucked to the side saying, “I don’t think so”.

When I talked to the rider later I found out she was paying close attention to the environment. From across the arena she saw my body language change to ‘bee battle mode’ and had a pretty good idea of what was going on and could happen.

She was able to prepare in case something sudden happened and Butch didn’t like it. She was able to ride through the spook with no problem at all.

I have to brag on my girl because when this girl started with me she had been on a run away horse and ended her ride very scared. Today she showed huge progress. Not only did the horse spook but she was in the English saddle for the first time.

I have to brag on Butch because when he came to me if either bug swats would have happened, he would have left the barn and in the arena taken off with the rider.


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