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Friday, December 5, 2014


As the school rolls on realistically the time comes that I have to pull an old trusty horse out of service – this summer it was Drafty. By then they have such an impressive resume that when I look into my herd I don’t have a horse that can take their place. So, I begin to check out talents, and attitudes to see who needs to try what next – just like the students.
   This year I have noticed a change in Target to indicate that he is maybe maturing and just might be willing to try some different rider energies. I am always cautious when I introduce autistic and other – what I think of as broken energy – to the horses.
   Target was recently introduced to Tourette’s energy. Inside the barn during tack up he was somewhat uncomfortable with it. However, when we went to the arena, my rider did what he needed to and Target calmed down and they had a really good ride.

   When we returned to the barn, Target was in a relaxed mood and untack went without incident.  

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