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Friday, January 13, 2012


This is for all the grandmothers out there. Moms, too. You know there has been a similar incident within your own family.

The horseback riding lesson started well. My 11-year-old rider was in a good mood and energy as were those around her. She was preparing her horse for riding when the friend of the family (who had been on the phone with her grandfather) asked her if she knew where her lizard was.

Grandmother asked why Grandfather wanted to know and was told the cage was empty. All eyes are now on granddaughter. “It’s in my back pack”, she announced. “And just where is your backpack?” “In the car.” (This is Grandmother’s NEW car) “Didn’t I tell you not to put that lizard in my car?” “Yes, but I wanted to show it to Miss Wendy”.

Now, I would like to set the record straight here. I never said I wanted to see the lizard. I was not an accomplice in this, honest. I even stepped up and told her there was a right way to do things and this wasn’t it (as I'm laughing behind my hand).

Grandmother told her that the lizard was not making the trip back with them; it was not going any further in her car. Just when you think things can’t get any worse, they do. Grandmother’s next question was, “Just what made you think you could get away with this?”

I will give granddaughter credit for being honest as she said, “What you don’t know, won’t hurt you.” This was not the thing to say. If you are a parent of a child with any age on it, you can fill in this part of the story.

We did get to the arena and my riders rode. Granddaughter was still in a good mood and sure that she was going to show me this lizard. Nearly at the end of the ride, her mom drove in. She was here to pick up the lizard so it would make the trip back home but not in Grandmother’s car.

Granddaughter went white as mom drove up and wanted to get off the horse. I finally asked her why she had to get down at that time and it was so she could show me the lizard before it left. I hung tough and made her stay on the horse as the drama unfolded.

On the way out her mom stopped by the arena so I could see the subject of all the controversy. It  looked like a larger version of those I see here in the summer. It was clinging to its rescuer’s shirt when I last saw it heading home.

UPDATE two weeks later

Kid is in one piece; the lizard is in one piece. They are both at home, same home - Grandmother’s home. They are both on probation.

Visiting – both – only for cage cleaning. Release from prison – lizard – only for cage cleaning.

Length of probation. One week per violation.
Lizard WAS NOT to ride anywhere in Grandmothers car.
Lizard WAS NOT to be taken out of the house without Grandfather’s permission.
Lizard WAS NOT to be taken to the farm (mine).

Kind of falls into the ‘three strikes and you’re out’.

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