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Friday, November 18, 2011

Who? Us?

It was sunset when I fed. Drifter was still with me hooked to the 4-wheeler.

We fed back pens first then down front. I had forgotten to doctor Sadie so I went to the barn for the medicine, walked back to her pen, gave it to her then fed her.

As I was getting on the 4-wheeler to move to the next pen, Drifter was acting like the kittens were close – he was in his hunting mode. I fussed at him and drove a few feet. He was acting nuts putting his head up into the front and underneath the 4-wheeler so I stopped and shut it off. I started looking in the 4-wheeler and saw a little black face where it shouldn’t be.

I tried pulling the cat out and that didn’t work. First order of business was to remove the dog from the area in question. I unhooked him from the 4-wheeler and tied him to a nearby fence. Then I went back to see about the cat situation.

When I returned, I saw just a back and it looked like the cat was stuck. I looked in another place and Stripes was looking out at me. I reached and was able to grab him and pull him out without damage to him or me.

As soon as he popped out of the space Missy’s face appeared. I tried to reach her and she would duck back out of my reach. The sun was now down and it was getting darker and colder and I still hadn’t finished feeding. I called Dan who was at the house and told him what was going on. He came up and was able to pull Missy out. He took Stripes from me and headed them back to the barn. I retried a very excited Drifter and we finished feeding. Critters -------

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