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Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Wind always seems to blow at my place and in the cooler months a slight wind can be very chilling. Parents of course like their kids to be responsible for putting appropriate attire in the car so they will be warm to ride.

On this particular chilly March day, my rider came after school with a friend instead of mom. I assigned her a bareback (did not have to put saddle on the horse) ride so she prepared quickly. She had no jacket. I didn't say a word, just got her on the horse.

After she rode about 5 minutes, she told me she was cold. I asked if she brought more clothes and she said yes. She got down and went to the car. About 5 minutes elapsed before she came back. When she returned she was now dressed in white thermal underwear, top and bottom - no clothes over it. I didn't say anything. She climbed back on and lasted about 5 more minutes.

This time it was, "Miss Wendy, I think I need more clothes on." Down she came and off she went to try one more time. When she came back she had jeans over the underwear bottoms.

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