Saddle up and let's ride down the trail of tales or tails.

Monday, December 29, 2014


The wind was blowing out of the North with really heavy gusts. When I went up to do the nooners (special feed and medicine handouts) I took the camera. All the mares and geldings in their pens were tails to the wind. I got out the camera and took a picture with the intent of posting it to answer the question people continue to ask about the horses keeping warm in the cold weather. Answer to wind – turn your tail and wait it out.

As soon as I shut the camera off and put the lens cap on Patches came running out of the hay pen looking around as if she were upset. She headed for the space along the fence between Mattie and Golly, found her spot, and stopped. I got the message “Okay, I’m ready, take the picture”. So, I took another one. If you look closely, you will see Patches in the upper left of the top picture and in the middle along the fence in the bottom.

The two pictures were taken within a minute of each other.           

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