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Monday, February 13, 2012


I always love it when students make progress with their horses. The family purchased the horse, Pepper, for Student last fall. Student has been taking lessons and the whole family has been interacting with Pepper.

When Student began riding Pepper, he was not able to steer him. (For safety, his dad walks along with Pepper on a lead line as they become acquainted.) Student has progressed to the point of being able to control where they go and ride through patterns.
When Pepper came he did not back up – would not even think about it. Dad and Mom found a way to get him to back from the ground – first by physically tapping on his chest, then applying pressure to the lead line attached to the halter and finally (from the ground) asking through the reins.

Each lesson I have asked Student to try backing Pepper and each time Dad has had to finally put his hands on the reins to make it happen. GUESS WHAT? Tonight Student was able to back Pepper by his own effort not once, not twice but THREE times. He’s not just riding, he’s training.

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